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The Missing Link, interfaces CD's, DVD Players and Computers to Convention, Hotel and Public Meeting Rooms PA Sound Systems




Can you interface (connect) your computer, attach a boom box or play a CD from a walkman into the sound system in a public meeting room? With the Audio Solutions AID direct box you can, and more!


The Audio Solutions AID (audio interface device), is the only passive device designed to allow any device that produces sound to now be played into professional recording, interface with commercial sound systems AND still use the headphones without adapters. Audio Solutions AID is designed to work with all types of audio systems, i.e., Computer Sound Interface, portable tape and or CD Player interface, DVD Interface, Boom Box Interface etc. Most consumer electronics provide a headphone jack but no line out. The AID will handle either line level signal or headphone level audio with ease.

Exclusive with the AID, stereo headphones can be used to “cue” or select the proper audio. When the correct audio is selected, a flick of the switch sends the audio to the room PA system. See examples of use

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Another very important feature of the Audio Solutions AID Direct Box, is it does not require an audio technician to use the Audio Solutions AID in any situation. The Audio Solutions AID provides the ability to match the signal level from the source (output) to the sensitivity of the equipment (input). When using a microphone jack in a public meeting room, the signal can be padded or reduced to provide the proper level of signal that does not over drive or cause distortion in the input of the mixer. Once the pad is set on the Audio Solutions AID, the volume control for the headphones on the source, i.e. computer or boom box, allows total control of the volume in the room.

Deck style CD and DVD players may not have headphone capability. They still can be used and play audio into a meeting room. The RCA or pin type connectors common on this equipment can be used. It requires an adapter cord (see products for example) to connect to the Audio Solutions AID. Some headphones will allow the audio to be monitored and provide enough signal to power the PA system. The only draw back to this arrangement is the lack of a volume control on the player. The pad switch is the only method to increase or decrease the sound in a room without having access to the facilities PA system.

Until now, it has been difficult if not impossible to easily and conveniently have the sound from your laptop be amplified through the room speakers. This is an example of how easy it is to use the Audio Solutions AID in a presentation audio setup.

Example: You have a presentation on your computer. The slides also have audio attached and you will be using a room at the local hotel or convention center. This presentation is expected to have several hundred in attendance and you only have the speakers in your laptop. The room has a built in PA system and you will be using a hand held type of microphone on the podium. There are other locations in the room that could have a microphone connections. The hotel is providing a video projector and large screen so everyone in the room can see the images.


To have the audio for your presentation in the room speakers, simply connect the headphone jack to the input of the Audio Solutions AID with a 3.5mm stereo patch cord (see products), connect with a microphone cable (see products), to the microphone connector in the Audio Solutions AID to the microphone jack in a wall plate in the room. Place the pad switch of the Audio Solutions at the -40 dB position, set the volume level on the headphone listening control of the computer at about ½ volume level, start the show. Flick the switch to the on position and if the sound is weak in the room, slide the pad switch to -20 dB. If there is not enough sound and the signal is week, to the 0 position. When the signal is loud enough adjust up or down with the volume control on the computer for the final adjustments. The headphones can be used at any time before or during a presentation without interruption of the audio in the room. The switch does not turn on or off the sound in the headphones.

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